The municipality of Teulada Moraira celebrates World Children’s Day, which we commemorate every 20th of November, with various activities which will help to promote the rights of minors. The youth affairs department, under the guidance of Aitor Llobell, has organised various activities for the students of the primary schools CEIP Sant Vicent Ferrer and CEIP Cap d’Or.


The CEIP Sant Vicent Ferrer will conduct a different activity every day working on children’s rights and the approach will be different each day. On Monday, the right to a name and a nationality will take centre stage. On Tuesday, students will discuss equality and non-discrimination and the kids will wear the equality sign (=) on their faces. The right to nutrition will be explained on Wednesday and the students will be asked to bring a healthy snack to school. Thursday, it will be all about the right to play and all students must bring a toy which will be donated to Vega Baja, a campaign of the IES Teulada. On Friday, students will talk about the right to be happy and everybody will come to school with a painted smiley on the face.


CEIP Cap d’Or has another programme and the students will work daily on values. The results of their work will be presented to the whole school on Friday. In this spirit, the schools will have posters with the seven basic rights at their entrance doors. The youth affairs department encourages everybody to flood social media with photographs and to use the hashtag #DretASerXiquets. The council will publish a poster about one of the basic rights with a short explanation daily.


3rd to 6th graders will attend a concert about culture and continents at the Auditorio next Wednesday. They will be listening to typical dance music from all over the world. The members of the youth affairs department will explain the programme they created to their colleagues and the councillor and the corresponding trained assistant, Aitor Llobell and Monica Cortés, will explain the basic rights.


Llobell would like to thank the schools for their collaboration and encourages everybody to take part in the campaign “Dret a ser xiquet” (the right to be a child). He would also like to see that families engage more by respecting the rights children have because they are children daily back home.