Teulada Moraira’s “children’s council” holds its first meeting of the 2019-2020 term.

The date has been chosen because of being close to Children’s Day which will be celebrated on November 20. The first meeting served to renew the children’s functions, to welcome the newcomers and to listen to the proposals to improve the village.

The “children’s council” will be meeting once a month. The members will discuss what children expect from the municipality to cover their needs. 5th graders in their first year and 6th graders in their second year of primary school and1st and 2nd graders of the ESO are on the council. The council is the basic fulfilment of the demands the seal of approval of UNICEF’s award “Child-Friendly Cities” puts on the awarded cities.

The mayor, Rosa Vila, and the youth affairs councillor Aitor Llobell inaugurated the first meeting and participated actively in the debates. Also present were the councillors for wellbeing and services, Mamen Botija and Mª José Vidal.

The veterans took their seats in the plenary hall, while the newcomers had to answer various questions. They also needed to explain what the “children’s council” was about and why it is important to have one. Only then they were asked to sit down. One of the most surprising answers came from one of the members: “the children’s council makes adults do something they normally never do – listen to the children”.

During the meeting, the 10 new councillors received their certificate and the session ended with a discussion between children and politicians. It resulted in the children’s demand for more leisure space, for repair work on school facilities and a transportation possibility between Teulada and Moraira.

“I am happy to see that the boys and girls forming this council are so eager to come forward with ideas which will help to improve our municipality. Make demands and you will be heard but also follow up and check if we keep our word”, commented the mayor, Rosa Vila. The youth affairs councillor mentioned his commitment. He wants this council to have a voice and the space it deserves.