Teulada Moraira's Auditorio welcomed a new edition of "Alere Dolia" last Saturday.


?? A gastronomy spectacle which unites various professionals and important personalities related to the haute cuisine of our area. The protagonists of this edition were: María José San Román, María José Martínez and Toni Pérez Marcos.

?Goal of the showcooking part with the title ‘The Mediterranean Sea, our roots’, was to add value to the products we have close to us and are typical to our area, such as the Alejandría Muscatel Grape. Gastronomy, food and culture with a touch of innovation and avant-garde.

? From a gender perspective the claim had been risen to make the role of women in the culinary area more visible as well as give equal opportunities and access to more power and responsibility.

??The Mediterranean lighthouse has once again been a stronghold of culture and it boosted local products.