Concerning the opinions expressed during the plenary session of April 30 on an alleged promotional campaign entitled "Don't cancel, postpone", there seems to be some confusion and, Teulada Moraira's Department of Tourism makes the following statement:


1 - The Teulada Moraira Department of Tourism has not awarded any promotional campaigns with the title "Do not cancel, postpone". We have not generated any costs for this matter.


2 - Teulada Moraira Tourism has joined the solidarity hashtags that appear throughout the national territory to defend the tourism sector. It is crucial for the economy!


3 - The hashtags mentioned are "Don't cancel, postpone" and "Together we will save tourism".


4 - Tourism Teulada Moraira will continue to join all the movements created to face this terrible situation due to the crisis of COVID-19.


5 - This department believes in the value of such platforms. The repetition of such #hashtags is a tool to spread all initiatives that support the tourism sector. They also serve to position Teulada Moraira as a destination of solidarity.


6 - We would like to make it clear that the promotion of these hashtags, in combination with our image as a destination, was a proposal from the company that has already collaborated with the Tourism Department on several occasions. It was this same company that suggested the creation of these solidarity posts to all its clients. Moreover, all the company's clients shared the posts. Among them, we can find the "Patronato de Turismo de Almuñécar" or "Turismo de Castelldefels".  


           Finally, we would like to inform you that we are at the disposal of all locals, residents and visitors of Teulada Moraira, including associations, political groups and communities. Should there be any doubt regarding the daily work of this department, we will be happy to clarify the situation.


           It would be a pity if this essential and vital task for Teulada Moraira were to be politicised. We find ourselves in an extraordinary situation in which we need to unite more than ever. This kind of action is harmful to the community. 


           Teulada Moraira's Tourism Department has always worked in favour of the tourism sector and will continue to do so.