Students of the IES with problems to connect receive tablets from the municipality of Teulada Moraira04 May 2020

Teulada Moraira's Department of Education and Organisation, New Technologies and Modernisation hands out tablets with an Internet connection to students of the IES Teulada who have problems following lessons online and are not included in the campaign of the Autonomous Government.


The IES has received 43 tablets from the Autonomous Government. They are for students who have difficulty in following lessons from home during the curfew because they do not possess an electronic device. However, after discussions between the Education Department and the IES managers, it was found that there are still eight other students who have connection problems or lack the necessary infrastructure. Therefore, they cannot take part in distance learning. The municipality has bought eight tablets that are equivalent to those of the Autonomous Government, also with Internet access. The students will receive their tablet next week. The investment volume is € 2,000.


"The current situation does not allow for normal school teaching. But thanks to the new technologies, students can take part in classes and ask questions. We must not allow the digital divide to prevent students from exercising their right to education. Therefore, as we have already done with the grants for school meals, we complement the Ministry's great job. In this way, all students can meet their needs and have access to education on equal terms," said Carlos Martínez, Local Councillor for Education.