The Plenary Assembly adopts the plan "Reactiva Teulada Moraira" to alleviate the effects of COVID-19.01 May 2020

The Municipality of Teulada Moraira held its ordinary April plenary session on Thursday, during which the agreement "Reactiva Teulada Moraira" was unanimously approved. It is a document that represents a consensus of all the political forces of the municipality. It contains twenty-three measures of a social and economic nature and, also covers public health. The measures aim to alleviate the effects of the health crisis caused by COVID-19. The Local Council showed unity and worked with united forces for the good of the municipality during the health crisis.


Among the measures of a social nature, the municipality will increase the budget for social emergencies with a contribution of € 297,000 and, if necessary, they will increase the number of staff working in the Social Services Department. As previously announced, Teulada Moraira will supplement grants for school meals with contributions and residential care will be increased for the elderly and those in need of assistance. They will approve a relief fund for payment support for everyday necessities. The local government will guarantee institutional support to make work and family life compatible during the second phase of the relaxation of the rules.


In the economic field, the Municipal Council commits to using all available funds from the different budgetary areas to alleviate the financial crisis by adjusting the expenditure budget, if appropriate. The agreement includes subsidies for taxes and duties for local trade and local businesses. Subsidies and reduction of fees for new business projects; there will be an advice centre for small and medium-sized enterprises and a plan will be drawn up to speed up procedures for building permits, community activities and the repayment of exchange guarantees.


Contributions to community sports schools and the conservatory will be waived and, measures will be put in place to promote local commerce and local businesses. The municipality undertakes to draw up a plan of direct aid to the economic sectors most affected by the health crisis and to create a trade council in which all commercial areas are represented. This council will discuss issues such as the campaign already planned by the Local Council, which calls for increased local consumption.


The tourism campaign aims to connect local tourism and to promote off-season tourism. The social vouchers are to be redeemed locally, and they are drawing up a plan to help young entrepreneurs. 


Public health is another priority in the current situation and is also part of the agreement. It considers an overhaul and modernisation of the essential services provided by the municipal administration. One of the issues is water. They will intensify street cleaning and disinfection and the cooperative yet to be established will carry out a cleaning campaign for the trade and private centres. As far as traffic management is concerned, we will continue with the measures that were put into effect last weekend, as a result of making it possible for children to go for walks. The municipality will adapt to the new technologies and available connections to boost trade and attract new businesses.


The municipality will work on all and every one of the approved measures and keep the collectives concerned informed about everything on a selective basis.


The last telematic plenary session was broadcast live on social media platforms for the first time. The modality was very much appreciated and an average of 200 viewers tuned in interactively. One of the local government's projects for 2020 is to produce video protocols to allow direct broadcasting of plenary sessions when participants will be present again.