The Local Council is extending the Portixolet Bay nature reserve to two hectares29 April 2020

The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Climate Change has increased the area of the protected micro reserve in Portixolet Bay. The Local Council achieved the municipality's goal, which is in line with the recognition of the enormous ecological value of the communal coast.


This area extension was published in the DOGV on 24/04/2020 as a result of the increase of the zone classified as Plant-Micro Reserve of the province of Alicante. The protected area was previously 0.347 hectares and now covers 2.03 hectares. The micro reserve is now six times larger than before. Also, two additional species protection measures have come into force. One regards the control of invasive exotic species. The other, the restoration of the zones the fire destroyed and the eradication of alien plant species that have taken possession of these areas.


The department in question has already begun planting two species considered endemic and threatened with extinction. The following species are therefore of interest: Helianthemum caput-felis and Medicago citrina. These protected plant species were replanted in the Portixolet Bay, in the area where the fire raged in the summer of 2015.


"We are very proud of the Ministry's decision. The municipality has been working on this recognition since 2016 and, the effort has been worthwhile. The ecological value of our municipality's coastline has been recognised and, so has the need to protect the area," said Carlos Martínez, Environmental Councillor of the Municipality of Teulada Moraira.