Teulada Moraira will use € 342,700 from the fiesta budget to alleviate the effects of the pandemic28 April 2020

Teulada Moraira's Department for Festivities made € 342,700 from the Fiestas budget, earmarked for the organisation of various local fiestas, available. The municipality will use the money for multiple measures to alleviate the effects of the health crisis caused by COVID-19.


The municipality postponed various Teulada Moraira Fiestas to 2021. Affected are Patron Saint's Festival Teulada, Moors and Christians Moraira, Font Santa, Patron Saint's Festival Moraira and Sants de la Pedra. The health crisis and the uncertainty about its course caused the cancellation of the various celebrations. Therefore, the Local Council decided to use the money to alleviate the effects of the pandemic instead of subsidising the festive associations or organising ceremonies and events related to the fiestas.


The Local Council will distribute the amount of € 342.700 among various departments. For example, the Social Welfare Office will receive a share and part will be used for the implementation of the measures that the Local Council will approve during the next plenary session.


"Canceling any fiestas was a hard blow for everyone, but the most responsible decision. Most important at this moment is to get out of this situation as quickly as possible and alleviate the effects. For this reason, we will use the entire budget allocated to the various fiestas for social and economic measures and public health. In 2021 we will have fiestas again. We will be able to enjoy them and share the joy. But in 2020, all efforts must go in the same direction," says Aitor Llobell, Local Councillor for Festivities Teulada Moraira.