The Department of Tourism is launching a campaign to attract national tourism to our destination27 April 2020

Teulada Moraira's Department of Tourism is working on an advertising campaign to boost national tourism. The village traditionally attracts many foreigners. However, this year will be different and, we are preparing to welcome the Spanish visitors.


To carry out the national tourism project, the department has revised the budget. They are going to promote the sun and the beach with a particular emphasis on sustainability and health aspects. Also critical is the introduction of security measures. As soon as the season starts, we will activate those, so tourists do not flood the beaches.


The new project will also target other resources, and we will address active and rural tourism. We will create a catalogue with Hiking trails. The same for our cultural offers as we want to make the cultural heritage of the village more known.


"I would like to thank the Local Council for the effort they are all putting into the new planning and the advertising campaign for Teulada Moraira's Tourism. I am convinced that this work will yield fruit. Although we cannot yet venture too far into the tourist season, we believe in the confidence in our destination. We are also working to offer our destination out of season," comments Adrián Ruíz, Local Councillor for Tourism Teulada Moraira.