The Municipality ofTeulada Moraira has taken the first steps to get the authorisation to test public employees who perform essential work.27 April 2020

The Municipality of Teulada Moraira has taken the first steps to allow COVID-19 testing of public employees who perform essential work. This measure will ensure the safety of both municipal employees and residents and prevent the spread of the virus.


The Local Council has contacted the Health Ministry and asked what is needed to get permission to carry out the tests. The Health Ministry must certify those tests.


As soon as the Municipality gets the authorisation, the Local Government will take the necessary steps to ensure that public employees who are carrying out essential work during the state of emergency and who are at high risk, can be tested.


"Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Municipality has always followed the instructions of the Health Ministry. Testing people is an additional measure to guarantee the safety and health of the public. Therefore, we will start testing. However, we will always follow the Ministry's guidelines to ensure that the tests are valid. We hope that, at a later date, the tests will also be available to the rest of the population. During last Saturday's meeting, we explained this subject to the spokespersons of the other parties," said Rosa Vila, Mayor of Teulada Moraira.