The municipality of Teulada Moraira supports families with a partial grant for school meals with € 11.74122 April 2020

Teulada Moraira's Department of Education is supporting families with school-age children who are eligible for a partial grant for school meals with € 11,741. These are families that do not qualify for the food aid provided by the Valencian Autonomous Government.


The Local Council has contacted the Autonomous Government and the schools to obtain an overview of the situation of those families who do not receive full support for school meals and therefore do not qualify for additional support during the COVID-19 health crisis. A total of seventy-six families are eligible. Depending on the amount of the partial grant they receive from the Autonomous Government, the municipality will compensate them additionally.


The Department of Social Affairs will contact the families and collect the necessary data. In coordination with the schools, the department will make the corresponding payments. Each family will receive a different amount, depending on the grant they receive. The first payment will correspond to March and April and should be made at the beginning of May. Once the suspension of classes for the rest of the school year is confirmed, the municipality will prepare the payment for May and transfer the money in the first week of June.


"In situations like the present one, any help is vital. Some families are in a challenging situation and, they cover part of the children's living expenses through the partial grant they receive for school meals. Now, this support is no longer available. That is why we in the Local Council have been looking for a solution to help and, we will transfer to the needy what is due to them for each child," says Carlos Martínez, Local Councillor for Education.