Teulada Moraira?s CREAMA reinforces its service through telematics during the declaration of a state of emergency and receives one hundred and seventy requests.21 April 2020

As a result of the declaration of a state of emergency, ADL CREAMA Teulada Moraira is no longer able to serve the residents personally at the counter. Therefore, they intensified online support. One hundred seventy requests concerning the health crisis came in through telematics and, the Office started initiatives to support local businesses.


Eighty of the enquiries were about employment, sixty concerned procedures with Labora, SEPE and CREAMA's "Agencia de Colocación" and twenty enquiries concerned the labour market. Ninety questions were company related. Forty-six of these were about general information and procedures to obtain assistance for new companies; five queries involved online training and twenty-six related to other subjects.


CREAMA's social media and the Office's website provide specific information on all COVOD-19-related activities. They added two new sub-pages. One aims at dealers and the other at small and medium-sized enterprises and both offer support and advice to dealers and entrepreneurs.


Besides, CREAMA launched the initiative "El Comerç local més a prop que mai" (local trade more appropriate than ever). They created a list of the shops that sell essential products and offer home delivery. This service addresses mainly older people and people with reduced mobility.