Virtual celebration of Teulada?s Patron Saint's Day of Sant Vicent Ferrer15 April 2020

The Patron Saint's Day of Teulada was supposed to take place now. However, due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, it was postponed indefinitely. The 2020 Fiesta  Committee, the Local Council, Teulada Moraira Digital and the municipal associations AMCT, la Colla el Falço, the dance company Font Santa, the Teuladina Choir and the Youth Choir do not wish to deprive the village of the festival and decided to organise a virtual festival.


The various virtual celebrations can be followed on the Local Council's and the fiesta committee's social media platforms, as well as on the sites of the other participating associations. The virtual celebration begins today, Wednesday, April 15, with the "Nit d'Albades" on Teulada Moraira Digital.


The barker Joan Ivars will send his message to the residents on Thursday at 8:30 pm from the municipality's Facebook platform. Afterwards, Teulada Moraira Digital will show the parade and procession with the image of San Vicente in a retrospective.


The virtual coronation will take place on Friday at 8.30 pm with the greeting of the Queens and the Fiesta President and is available on the municipality's Facebook platform. Afterwards, Teulada Moraira Digital will let the coronation revive and at 10 pm there will be disco music on the Facebook Site of the "Festeros".


Saturday's festive programme starts at 9 am with the wake-up call and at 10 am there is a flower workshop for children. On the same day, residents are asked to hang up their blouson on the balcony and upload a photo with the hashtag #YoEmQuedeACasaDeFesta. Later there will be a video available with Pasadobles and another one of the orchestra "Titanic". The day ends with memories of the Children's Day, the flower offering and the night of the commissions.


Sunday the 19th is the day of the commissions. At noon the youth choir will sing and, at 6 pm there is a reproduction of the performance of the dance company Font Santa, "Bona Gent", available. At 7 pm the Teuladina Choir adds a musical note to the celebration. Afterwards, there will be memories of the procession with the image of the Saint and the video "Andy y Lucas".


On the day of the Saint, there is a "Mascletà" on the balconies at 2 pm. Water bottles are used instead of firecrackers. At 7 pm all the residents are invited to sing the hymn to San Vicente Ferrer on the balconies. Afterwards, they show memories of the procession of the Virgen del Mayor Dolor ilicitana, followed by the video of the Orchestra Vértigo.


On Tuesday, we ask residents to dress up and upload a photo with the hashtag #JoEmDisfrassePerFestes. There are also souvenir videos of the "Traca", the caroches and the fire run. On Wednesday the 22nd at 8:05 pm there will be Pasadoble on the balconies with the Colla el Falçó and AMCT.


On the last weekend of the Fiesta, we will commemorate the "Quintades" and ask the residents to show their blousons on the balconies. Again, take a photo, add the hashtag #TeuladaSenceraEstàdeFesta and upload it. For Sunday 7 pm, the last day of the festivities, a "Cacerolada" on the balconies is called for. And once more, take a picture and upload it under the hashtag #FinsPrompteFestesdeTeulada.