The Department of Social Services has received€22,754 from the Valencian Autonomous Government.14 April 2020

Teulada Moraira's Department of Social Services has received € 22,754 from the Valencian Autonomous Government for social emergencies. This grant supports the work of the department, which has received more than 70 families since the emergency was declared.


The aid provided by the Autonomous Government, per Decree 43/2020 of April 3, is divided into three parts: individual economic assistance (PEI): € 15,545; residential assistance (SAD): € 5,072; and a food fund for children: € 1,957.


"This grant helps us to continue to support the most affected families in our community. Our department has been working tirelessly since the declaration of the emergency to provide basic services to families affected by the health crisis. We are available to all residents to help and advise. Thanks to the Autonomous Government, we now have access to new funds," commented Mamen Botija, municipal councillor for social services.