The Locality of Teulada Moraira wishes to object to the communication of the association "SOS Moraira". The Local Council is accused of having committed an environmental crime on El Portet beach. Affected is a sewerage system.

Firstly, the sewerage system in question is not losing sanitary sewage "practically a month already", as the association claims. The local police patrol the area several times a week and have not detected any pollution.

Secondly, the Association did not notify the police on March 16, and no notice was posted on the Municipality's website at that time. The police are not aware of any reported incident and, the entry on the site took place only recently, on April 10, as can be seen in the attached document.

The contamination comes from the private property of the person in charge of the accusing organisation. As soon as the problem was known the Municipality intervened. The staff of the Department of Essential Services and those of the Moraira Wastewater Treatment Plant were on site.

The Local Council has given the person in charge a contact number so that he can arrange for immediate cleaning. He also got the message that the Municipality will be back to check and that he will get fined in case of non-compliance. The president of "SOS Moraira" has assured the Local Council that he will publish a statement denying the allegations.

Thirdly, the Local Council would like to contradict that the beach got a "black flag" last year, 2019. The beach got this kind of flag in 2017. At the time sand from a gravel pit was used to fix some damage. After that, the beach did not receive such a marking anymore. In 2019, El Portet beach was awarded the "blue flag" and that of Qualitur. Thus, recognising its environmental sustainability.

Regarding the accusations of pollution, the Local council reserves the right to take legal action against the president of "SOS Moraira", Javier Gimeno.