Teulada Moraira applies for a permit to hunt rabbits that damage vineyards08 April 2020

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Municipality of Teulada Moraira, headed by Alejandro Llobell, requested the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Climate Change to allow the hunting of wild rabbits because they damage the vineyards.


The Town Council received complaints from the “Consell Agrari Municipal” and the Association of Farmers Raïm de Moscatell, who warned of the damage that wild rabbits are already causing. It concerns the local vineyards, the Muscat grape Alejandría, which are currently beginning to develop buds. For this reason, and because of the current curfew imposed by COVID-19, a hunting permit has been requested.


Since in some cases the damage to the vines is irreversible and to prevent further damage, the local government was forced to make this application to be able to act in time. Of course, the municipality will comply with the provisions in force will follow the necessary public health measures mentioned therein will. Grape and wine production are one of the most productive traditional sectors of Teulada Moraira.