For persons who need a digital certificate for their application for assistance, the SIT office will exceptionally take over the processing.08 April 2020

As this is a case of emergency, given the massive demand from people who want to file a request for assistance, the Municipality of Teulada Moraira offers its residents the possibility to arrange the acquisition of the digital certificate through the SIT office. This is an exceptional measure.


Since this morning, the SIT has received an enormous number of requests concerning the issuing of a digital certificate. Such a document is necessary for people who want to apply for a certain kind of support as a result of the health crisis. E.g. it concerns the self-employed, who can submit applications as of today. Because this is an emergency situation the SIT office opens exceptionally on April 8 and 9 from noon to 2 pm and will issue certificates to those residents who need them urgently.


To request an appointment, please send an email to Indicate your name, your DNI and the reason for this urgency. The applicant must be registered in the Teulada Moraira Residents' Register.