To guarantee public health, TEUMO Serveis cleans and disinfects the streets even more intensively07 April 2020

TEUMO Serveis, Teulada Moraira's public company, continues to carry out its mission, cleaning and disinfecting our streets, thus guaranteeing public health. The public company has doubled its efforts and intensified its cleaning service. It is not only working in the village centre, on public squares and at access roads to urbanisations. The company also carries out specific jobs in busy places such as medical centres, taxi and bus stops, grocery stores, Red Cross, etc.


"I want to show residents once again what kind of work TEUMO does for us and thank the employees and the company for their commitment. The goal is to continuously clean and disinfect our village to prevent the virus from spreading," says Héctor Morales, local councillor and delegate of TEUMO.

ctor Morales, concejal delegado.