The Moors and Christians of Moraira postpone their 30th anniversary until 202106 April 2020

In the face of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the Moors and Christians of Moraira have decided to postpone their 30th anniversary until 2021. Last week, the Central Board of Moors and Christians held a meeting through telematics together with the Municipal Councillor for Festivities, Aitor Llobell. They informed the Councillor of their vote and the decision of the board members to postpone the celebration until next year.


The members of the various Moors and Christians groups were faced with the decision to postpone or cancel the festival, which should have taken place this year from June 15 to 21. A majority decided to cancel and postpone the celebration until 2021, as the "Festeros" doubted that after so much inactivity they would be able to hold the fiesta as usual and with the quality they always strive for. Therefore, they decided to postpone the 30th anniversary to 2021.


The captains of the Filà Conquistadoras and the Filà Califas Abassies will continue to exercise their duties in 2021.


The President of the Board, Carla Beltrán, declared: "This is an act of responsibility towards our celebration. In these difficult moments, the health and safety of the people is a priority. We do not know how long the crisis will last and the Moors and Christians of Moraira need a lot of time and commitment to carry out their celebration. The time that we do not have right now. In 2021 Moraira and its festivities will be even more glorious".


Aitor Llobell, Councillor for Festivities, is grateful to the Central Board and all the "Festeros" for their sense of responsibility. He assured the President of his full support and expressed his feelings to the Moors and Christians family during these difficult times.