Rosa Vila: "The municipality will be at the side of all residents; we are already working on efficient and realistic economic measures".04 April 2020

The Mayor of Teulada Moraira last Saturday launched an initiative aimed at improving communication with the population. Thus, also removing doubts about the current health crisis. The Mayor answered questions from around twenty residents using a video recording. While the health crisis lasts, a new video will be released every Saturday. You can send questions using the following e-mail address:   

The questions asked by the residents were about essential issues. There were questions about the declaration of a state of emergency, health care, services and the economy. Firstly, the Mayor made it clear that the municipality itself did not announce the state of emergency nor the related norms. It is the responsibility of the Spanish government and, everybody must comply. Concerning the fear that visitors might arrive in the following days, she clearly stated that "the local security forces, as well as the state security forces, will double their presence to prevent tourists or people with secondary residences from arriving". At the same time, she also appealed to everybody's responsibility: "The security measures have been taken. Now all of us must show responsibility, stay at home and not leave the house unfounded or unnecessarily".

Regarding the health system, the Mayor announced that all the Mayors of the Marina Alta meet weekly with the person in charge of the Marina Salud District Hospital to be updated. The data of persons with COVID-19 is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health of the Comunidad Valenciana and, the municipalities do not have any accurate data in this regard. 

 Most of the questions received concerned the economy. The Mayor made it clear that the local government is currently examining all possible scenarios to be able to take efficient measures. They will announce those measures when they are sufficiently clarified and agreed on. Nobody knows how long the declaration of the state of emergency will last and what the extent will be at that time. Regarding municipal taxes, she confirmed again that all payments are suspended and that services that cannot be provided will not be charged.

 "It is necessary to distinguish clearly between the municipal competencies and those of the state and the autonomous government. Our municipality is already studying where we must intervene, namely where other offices are not going to be active. We assure you that we will do everything in our power to alleviate the impact on the economy of our community". 

 Vila said that the state is currently allowing communities to use 20% of the reserves and that they will use this money entirely to help the part of the population affected by the pandemic.

 The Mayor ended the video by confirming that the municipality will be there for all residents. That in these times everyone will receive help for essentials. Finally, she thanked all the residents for their conduct and acknowledged the great work of all those who provide essential services day after day in these difficult times.

 These lines are a summary of the video. We recommend watching it in its full length. If there are any questions afterwards, feel free to ask them and the next video will give you answers. The Mayor keeps her promise and will continue to inform the residents and answer questions.


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