The Social Welfare Department of the Municipality extends its services with a food aid programme, improved assistance and psychological help02 April 2020

Teulada Moraira is working hard to help all residents who are affected in one way or another by the health crisis and the declaration of a national emergency. The Department has received an increasing number of requests and will answer and examine all of them.


Our priority is to help families who are most affected and in urgent need of food. The Department of Social Affairs has set up a service to ensure that no resident is left without support. We want to remind you that no resident will be cut off electricity, water or gas because of outstanding bills. We currently collect applications and the outstanding payments will be dealt with after the crisis. 


There is psychological help by phone available to people over 30 years of age who suffer from anxiety due to the curfew. They also attend residents with problems regarding family life or people who cannot cope with the grief due to the loss of a family member, as it is no longer possible to say goodbye to each other. Young people can turn to the psychological help of the Youth Department.


All persons who need advice on how to apply for assistance from other offices can obtain it from the Social Welfare Department, which also gives information about legal issues. In those cases, please, contact:



The local government wants to remind everybody that everyone who needs help will receive it. Given the extreme situation, we thank the population for their patience should it take longer.