Teulada Moraira has reorganised its services following the new decree on freedom of movement31 March 2020

The latest Spanish government decree contains new measures to protect public health and limits people's freedom of movement.  As a result, the municipality of Teulada Moraira reorganised its public services, which were already restricted by the declared state of emergency. Most of the services are now only provided through telematics. They only maintain services that are considered essential as usual.


The local council has classified the following services as indispensable:


- Local police.

- Social services.

- Civil defence.

- Street cleaning.

- Cleaning of public office buildings.

- Municipal waste collection.

- Cemetery.

- Informatics. Especially if indispensable to provide public services, such as home offices for public employees.

- Supply, troubleshooting, transport, drinking water treatment and water decontamination. 


All public employees who can work from home are doing just that. They avoid having to drive to the Town Hall. Those who are no longer allowed to do their work are entitled to their regular wages.


The local council would like to remind the residents that it is crucial to follow the decree to guarantee public health. They thank residents for complying with the curfew, thus facilitating the work of those who care for us.


Below you will find the contact details of the services available to residents:


SIT: 965740158

Social Services: 965741001-

Local Police: 965740946

Civil Devence: 965740882