Teumo Serveis restructures its services to guarantee resident´s and staff´s safety26 March 2020

In the face of the health crisis and the declaration of a state of emergency, Teulada Moraira's public company TEUMO Serveis has restructured its services. The measures are designed to guarantee the safety and health of residents and employees.


As we are told, they have intensified street cleaning, manual and mechanical cleaning will be maintained. Besides, cleaning with high pressure and disinfectant products is being carried out. The company deploys three cleaning teams to clean the urban parts of the village. Two teams work in the morning and an additional crew in the afternoon.


Also, there are three more cleaning and disinfection teams that work with the help of local farmers. Those provide their trekkers selflessly so that urbanisations, Molok containers and areas that are not densely populated can also be cleaned and disinfected.


Three trekkers are available to TEUMO's workers. Today they started their job at the intersection of Moraira with the Carretera de Benitachell and the Pla del Mar urbanisation. They also clean Molok containers in these areas.


The collection of household waste in the standard and underground containers and the Molok containers continues as usual; Monday to Sunday between midnight and 6 am and between 6 am and 1:30 pm. The job includes the cleaning and disinfection of the containers.


However, in agreement with the municipality of Teulada Moraira and to set priorities, the company also had to cancel some services that were not at all necessary. This measure allows for guaranteeing essential services that are important for the safety of employees and residents. These include the Ecoparque and the removal of greenery.


"We are in an exceptional situation, and TEUMO Serveis has to adapt to provide the village of Teulada Moraira with the best possible service and services that are not at all necessary. But we are also obliged to think of our employees, some of whom belong to risk groups. For these reasons, we have restructured our services and have temporarily cancelled services that are not necessary. This is how we can guarantee and increase our cleaning and disinfection services. I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire TEUMO staff for their great work", says Héctor Morales, local councillor and delegate of TEUMO.