Teulada Moraira offers home delivery for grocery shopping and medicaments26 March 2020

In collaboration with volunteers who offered to help during the COVID-19 crisis, the Department of Security of the Municipality of Teulada Moraira provides a service for the elderly, disabled and people at risk. 


In collaboration with the local police and civil defence, the Municipal Security Department joins the Social Services Department’s measures and provides support wherever possible. They offer assistance for the elderly, disabled and people at high risk of infection who have no one to do their grocery shopping, buy household products or medicines. Should you want to use the service, call the following number: 965 740 999, on Monday and Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm. This information is valid until the end of the health crisis.


If the applicant calls 965 740 999, he needs to give his name, address and a contact number. Someone will call back and inform of the day and time when the service will be available. Those who use the service, please, keep the money and your shopping list for groceries or medicine in a bag. Those who are not able to write or cannot write for any reason must mention this during their application call. On the day the service is scheduled, those people must communicate their shopping list by telephone.


We want to thank all the volunteers who have agreed to help during the Covid-19 crisis and are available for this service.


We want to remind all residents that right now staying at home is very important. Follow the orders and only leave the house in case of emergency.