While we are waiting for the security measures that the Government of Spain will announce today and attending to the several security measures adopted both the Municipal Government and the Valencian Government, all of them for preventing and stopping the spread of COVID-19 among citizens and also because of the social alarm generated, in order to reinforce all the measures already taken, the following immediate security measures will be adopted by the City Council:

- The closure and seal of all the beaches and bathing areas of the municipality. The closure implies the prohibition of bathing, access and staying in the area of sand or rock, as well as the using of the facilities that are located in it. This prohibition will be announced by signage, closure of the entrances with fences or police tape, and the Local Police and other municipal emergency services will be watching over it.

Municipal public parks, playgrounds and outdoor recreation areas will be closed. The access will be sealed with fences and police tape and announced with the corresponding signage.

We appeal to common sense and the own responsibility of all citizens; it is important to stay at home, follow the given instructions, avoid crowds, concentrations and unnecessary travels.