The Teulada Moraira SIT office answers 2,800 requests16 June 2020

The SIT, Servicio de Información y Tramitación, of Teulada Moraira had dealt with and responded to more than 2,800 requests from citizens since June 1, when the Comunidad Valenciana entered Stage 2, until June 14, when we reached Stage 3. 

During Stage 2, employees of this service returned to their workplace to attend residents personally. Nevertheless, personal presence is still impaired due to the declaration of the state of emergency and its restrictions. It is the only way to follow the policies and guarantee the safety of the staff and the residents. The SIT offices Teulada and La Senieta Moraira welcomed 450 people.


Telematics plays a vital role to keep the communication between residents and the administration alive. There was a lively exchange of e-mails and online traffic on the electronic site.


In these 15 days, the SIT received more than 2,000 e-mails, all of which they answered within 24 hours.


A majority of requests were related to the population register, and almost all of them came from residents of other Comunidades or other nationals. The rest concerned digital signatures and the handling of the electronic site. Furthermore, there were questions about financial help, subsidies, urban planning and general information.


Teulada’s electronic site received a total of 350 requests during the same time. These were all forwarded to the SIT. Around 80% of the data was then passed on to the various departments of the local government for processing. The SIT answered and dealt directly with the remaining 20%. These were applications in connection with the population register.     


Behind the scenes, the SIT also dealt directly with the various departments of the local government to process applications. They prepared reports on the registration of applications for rent support. They called in interested parties; the claims had to be registered and forwarded to the social welfare office. 


Even during Stage 3, the personal presence of the staff will still be limited. Accordingly, applications to the municipality should preferably be submitted through Teulada’s electronic site using the digital certificate. 


As in the past, persons who cannot contact the authorities electronically need an appointment to go to the SIT offices personally. They can request a meeting by sending an e-mail to the following address: In the mail, please state your name and the reason for the visit.