The social educational initiative PAIDEIA 2.0 has been a great success15 June 2020

On May 18, the Teulada Moraira's Children, Youth and Education Department launched the Paideia 2.0 project.

The presenters worked through twelve different subjects on the community's social media platforms three days a week. These included the importance of water, the environment, the educational role of music, the acceptance of otherness in the world of sport, riuraus, the production and commercialisation of raisins, the coronavirus, nutrition and its role in children, youth and their rights...


Paideia 2.0 welcomed several speakers. They came from the Valencian Community, the county and from the cultural sector. Among them were the Valencian singer Jonathan Penalba, the famous, traditional voice of the Marina Alta of Lluís "el sifoner", the nationally known saxophone quartet Purpura Panza, lovers of literature such as Pepa Guardiola, Empar Ferrer and Joan Vicent Donderis, local experts in the field of education and directors of the community schools kinder and primary levels Araceli Ribes and Raquel Rovira, gymnast and Spanish Champion Álvaro Pino, nutritionist and coach Ana Signes, doctor of internal medicine at the Hospital General Alicante Isabel Ribes and the pleasant voice of Empar Argudo from Teulada.


The subjects presented were welcomed by both children and adults. An average of 500 people attended each lesson.


A multidisciplinary team elaborated the content of the project intending to develop the children's creative thinking and at the same time, expand their basic knowledge. The project is designed to support the work of the teaching staff and strives to become a tool at the service of the new teaching situation.


The content is available for everyone to view and, you will find it on the municipality's Facebook page. 


The Local Councillor for Children and Youth commented: "during the last months we had to adapt to the new situation and face the new educational needs. It required a change of our orientation, including virtual content that is qualitatively demanding and at the same time, offer playful but also educational subjects".