The municipality of Teulada Moraira is launching an advertising campaign targeting the summer tourism season 202015 June 2020

Teulada Moraira's Tourism Department is launching an advertising campaign focusing on the national market. The aim is to position itself as a brand, based on values such as that of a quiet, safe, exclusive, sustainable holiday destination where visitors have access to a wide range of experiences. Thus, in addition to active tourism and the enjoyment of nature, it is possible to stay on the beach, practice water sports and scuba diving, enjoy the local gastronomy, culture and traditions.


The aim is to make the destination more visible and position it better as a holiday destination by advertising campaigns targeting the regional and national market. We are working on promotional material, will distribute it through communication channels and use social networks for specific campaigns.


The Local Councillor for Tourism, Adrián Ruiz, commented: "We are all experiencing an atypical situation. It means that we must adapt and work together to make the summer season as successful as possible. We want to launch the campaign at this specific moment because the desire to travel is acute, and tourists are willing to plan their holidays now. We are counting on people to choose national, non-overcrowded destinations with a natural environment and a great safety factor, such as Teulada Moraira offers. We are also working on an international campaign with the same objectives. It is essential to increase the spread of our offer outside our borders".