Starting next week, Teulada Moraira's markets will open with 50% of their capacity10 June 2020

The Comunidad Valenciana is expected to enter Stage 3 next week. According to the Ministry of Health and the nature of our municipal markets, 50% of the market stalls will, therefore, resume their activity next week.

The weekly markets will return and, market stalls will offer food, but also textiles and decoration. Of course, hygiene regulations and safety protocols are in force as in the past.

Market stalls will follow a rotating shift. We will admit the even numbers one week and the next week the odd numbers, allowing that during the current restrictions due to COVID-19 all stall owners get the chance to work.

The Ministry of Health informs that the security measures taken so far are working well. We will continue working professionally, thus guaranteeing that community markets continue to be a safe place.