Teulada Moraira cancels three arts and crafts markets planned for the next six months due to objections from the public03 June 2020

The municipality of Teulada Moraira decided to cancel the Department of Commerce's project. It had planned three arts and crafts markets for this summer, autumn and winter. The local government's decision is based on the concerns of the population after the presentation of the project. The Mayor, Rosa Vila, and the Councillor for Tourism and Commerce, Adrián Ruiz, met with representatives of the tourism sector to gain insight into their thoughts on the subject in connection with the current advertising campaign.

"I cancelled a project early. I have cancelled three events that should have taken place at different locations in Teulada Moraira during the current year, without having had the opportunity to present it fully. I think I was not wrong, in my opinion, to try something new. My thought was that my village is ready for a change. That it wants to see more people in its streets, more customers in its shops, more guests on its terraces, a city forest that approaches the village, welcoming, filled with light and life," commented Adrián Ruiz, Councillor for Tourism and Commerce.

The cancelled project consisted of three events. An arts and crafts market consisting of handmade stalls and decorations made especially for Moraira. A clean, luminous urban forest welcoming the village; with posters that refer to the different areas of the pueblo and a summer ambience inviting visitors to take a walk and spend an entertaining afternoon.

With a sailor's market, I intended to prolong the tourist season. It was planned for the autumn and would have mirrored the life of fishermen. One could have got to know their work, worn traditional costumes, got more information about the Marina and the restaurants would have offered seafood.

"The market was planned to take place in the centre of the village. We wanted to collaborate with shops and restaurants. Our fishermen would have been the protagonists, and the event would have been a complete success," added Adrián Ruiz.

The project's third date was around Christmas. It was offering a personalised Christmas market and activities for all ages. "It was meant to be a magical place that would have turned into a "must-see" event, repeated year after year — a Teulada celebration. The aim was to attract more visitors to our shops and restaurants. We wanted to attract visitors from the region and the province, that was the plan", these were the words of the Local Councillor for Tourism. 

"We have listened to the people because that is what we are here for. They have an opinion, and we act on that opinion. It saddens me that I was not allowed to breathe life into these events. On the other hand, I am happy that the village now feels that it got respected and listened to. It would have been nice if the same attention had been paid earlier. Perhaps many matters would have had a happier ending", these were the closing words of Adrián Ruiz.