The Local Government meets with the construction sector and discusses supportive measures in the face of the current crisis01 June 2020

Last Friday, the local government of Teulada Moraira met with representatives of the construction sector to learn first-hand about problems in the industry caused by the current health crisis and to discuss support. It was an online meeting, and the following people attended: Rosa Vila, Mayor of Teulada Moraira, Héctor Morales. Councillor for Building and Infrastructure and Vicen Ferrando, Councillor for Town Planning.

The meeting served to boost the sector. The local government wants to work with the construction industry to find solutions that will help alleviate the effects of the crisis without harming others. The main topic of discussion was the municipal decree on rights of use, allotment and development, which prohibits building activity during the summer months not to disturb the peace of residents and tourists, the main economic engine of the town.

Both parties agreed to meet again, together with representatives of companies in the tourism, hospitality and retailer sectors. Together they will find a solution that will benefit all parties. Builders must make up for the time lost during the pandemic. At the same time, tourists should be guaranteed a quality stay without excessive noise.

In anticipation of the next meeting, which will take place soon, participants already consider an essential measure. Except in August, the month with the highest flow of tourists, maintenance and completion work should be allowed during the rest of the summer months within a specific schedule.

"Our municipality has a reputation for being a leader in offering a family destination with a high standard. We were one of the first places to restrict construction activities in the summer to guarantee tranquillity, and we want to maintain this characteristic, especially in a difficult year like this one. We must not forget, this crisis is affecting all sectors, and we must do everything we can to alleviate its effects. The best way to do this is to seek solutions through a common agreement that will help everyone and harm no one," said Rosa Vila, Mayor of Teulada Moraira.

"I would like to thank all the entrepreneurs of the building sector for their willingness to cooperate and meet with the other sectors to make the best decisions. During the next week, we will meet with representatives of tourism and retail businesses and, together, we will work out the best solutions. Solutions that guarantee both quality tourism and the activity of our companies". These are the concluding words of Héctor Morales, Municipal Councillor for Building and Infrastructure.