The municipality of Teulada Moraira has issued more than 1,500 digital certificates allowing people to deal with administrative procedures online01 June 2020

Since the declaration of the State of Emergency caused by the health crisis due to COVID-19, the municipality of Teulada Moraira has issued more than 1,500 digital certificates. Currently, they provide an average of thirty per day compared to seven before the extraordinary measures due to the health crisis were put into effect.

People who want to apply need an appointment guaranteeing them to get attended on time. Thus, preventing long queues and making sure safety precautions imposed by the authorities on visitors and municipal employees, such as keeping the distance and hygiene measures, can be followed.

In the beginning, the certificates were mainly needed to apply for social service assistance or rental support. Afterwards for applications for school enrolment or entry into the conservatory, etc. Right now, people need them mainly for general applications, such as building licenses, etc.

As a result of the declaration of a State of Emergency, the Town Hall had to work without counter attendants. To be able to meet the needs of the residents quickly and safely, telephone information was intensified. During the past weeks, more than 5,000 calls were answered. Initially, most of the requests addressed the Department of Social Affairs, the office for general information about COVID-19,  the one for assistance for the self-employed or companies or offices dealing with markets, taxes and fees.

The number of people who have an appointment at the Town Hall has increased in the last few days. During the first days of the declaration of the State of Emergency and as a result of the limited freedom of mobility due to the curfew, an average of ten people max came to the Town Hall daily. More recently, the number has risen to around forty people a day.

The Local Councillor Aitor Llobel announces: "community services have never come to a complete standstill. The way the staff have adapted to the new needs with an increase in both telematics and telephone enquiries is commendable. We handled all requests from the Town Hall or home offices. The digital certificate allows us to identify people on the Internet. Thus, everybody can handle administrative matters conveniently and at any moment from any electronic device. For this reason, I advise all to use this possibility".