Teulada Moraira starts its free of charge English lessons to obtain a B1 certification today01 June 2020

Today, fifteen young people from Teulada Moraira begin with their classes to obtain a B1 classification in English. The Youth Department of Teulada Moraira came up with the idea of the online lessons which are financed by the Alicante Provincial Government.

The online lessons take place from Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm for a total of forty hours. Initially, 37 youngsters registered, but only 15 had the necessary basic knowledge.

"The Department of Youth wanted to take advantage of the subsidy offered by the provincial government so that the young people of our municipality could improve their English skills and obtain a diploma. Nowadays, languages are fundamental to get a job or to travel around the world. Dominating English will open many doors for our young people," says Aitor Llobell, Teulada Moraira Youth Councillor.