In view of Stage 2 and the reopening of the beaches, Teulada Moraira is launching a mobility plan30 May 2020

Yesterday Teulada Moraira's Beach Committee met and worked out a plan for the total reopening of the beaches during Stage 2. The working group includes local councillors and technical staff in the areas of environment and beaches, tourism, essential services and TEUMO. The group approved the safe mobility plan for beaches the department in charge presented.

The plan aims to regulate the transit of people on local beaches. They determined the respective beach entrances and exits to prevent crowds. The Local Council is working on information material that will show the regulation of mobility for each beach and announces rules that will help prevent the spread of the pandemic. Norms include keeping distances, and compulsory masks should it not be possible to keep the distance, etc.

With the transition to Stage 2 next Monday, all local beaches will reopen. Meaning, in addition to the activities already permitted, such as walking and sports, residents can now go for a swim. On Ampolla beach maintenance works are in progress and therefore it will not be available in the first week. The lifeguards will be on the job again on all municipal beaches starting June 8.

The Autonomous Government requires from all coastal municipality's that they prepare a contingency plan containing all necessary measures to guarantee safety as soon as international tourism arrives. The Department for the Environment and Beaches is working on it.

"We are following the instructions of the Autonomous Government and have taken the first measures. Freedom of movement in the country is still restricted, and we do not expect beaches to become overcrowded. Nevertheless, we appeal to the resident's sense of responsibility and ask them to follow the safety measures issued by the Autonomous Government and all the established norms for beach use. As soon as the tourist season begins, controls, access and information will be tightened," said Carlos Martínez, Municipal Councillor for the Environment and Beaches.