Social Services doubles its support to families29 May 2020

Teulada Moraira's Social Affairs Department has doubled spending on family support compared to last year. Since the declaration of the State of emergency following the COVID-19 crisis, the municipality has been working hard, especially on food aid.

The Department has spent more than € 80,000 on food aid, which has been a priority from the beginning. The aim: in Teulada Moraira, no family should have to give up necessities due to the health crisis. The April plenary session approved € 297,000 for social emergencies.

During the declaration of the State of emergency, Social Services offers advice on how to submit requests for assistance as well as a psychological service. At present, the staff are again assisting residents in person and are making assessment visits. Cases needing emergency assistance are under evaluation (water, gas, electricity, accommodation, etc.). Social Services has also advised 180 families who wish to apply for rent assistance to the Ministry of Housing.

For all requests in the above regard, please, use the following contact details: 965 741 001 -

"Since the beginning of the health crisis, the family's food supply was our priority and continues to be so. However, we have also started to deal with other important issues, such as assistance in emergency cases. We have been assured that no one will be cut off from water or electricity and, now we can finally analyse and transmit the cases. This assistance is part of the Reactiva't Teulada Moraira plan," says Mamen Botija, Local Councillor for Social Affairs.