The Department of Youth is launching a prevention campaign on tobacco consumption25 May 2020

Teulada Moraira's Department of Youth is launching a prevention campaign on tobacco consumption and young people. The "Unidad de Prevención Comunitaria de Conductas Adictivas (UPCCA)" uses the World No Tobacco Day, which we regularly celebrate on May 31, for its campaign.

The UPCCA has recently opened an Instagram account (UPCCAteuladamoraira). The social platform will bring them into more direct contact with the community's young people. The campaign against tobacco consumption is on this platform.

On May 28, there is a round table discussion with parents. It is about the danger of tobacco and cannabis consumption for young people. Monica Cortés, leader of Teulada Moraira's youth group and Belén Sarrión, a psychologist of UPCCA specialising in addiction problems, will talk about myths and facts concerning tobacco consumption. They will mention the different stages of addiction and how to help young people to stop smoking.

"On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, we want to resume the work of UPCCA together with the families of Teulada Moraira. This time we want to approach the issue from a preventive point of view, but we also want to help the families so that their children stop smoking. As a result of the current situation, the talks will be conducted through the community's social media platforms. At the same time, the group wants a better approach with the young people, and for this purpose, they opened an Instagram account, allowing them more direct and easier communication. The group will launch various campaigns from the platform, such as the prevention campaign on tobacco consumption," says Aitor Llobell, Local Councillor for youth.