The municipality has applied to the autonomous provincial government for a subsidy for the renovation of the Town Hall.21 May 2020

Teulada Moraira's Department of Building and Infrastructure has applied to the Ministry of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture for a subsidy for the renovation and remodelling of the Town Hall. The aim is to optimise the building's functionality, environmental sustainability and its energy efficiency. 

The project developed by the municipality is holistic and based on energy efficiency. It includes repairs of the face of the building and roofing as well as a possible extension. After budget and project approval, we expect a construction period of nine to twelve months. The planned work consists of the demolition and new construction of the terraces and the roof of the building. It includes insulation and sealing, the renovation of the face of the building for better energy efficiency, masonry work on existing elements, remodelling and replacement of skylights, as well as woodwork on the outside of the building. Estimated costs are € 499,544.

The Town Hall suffered various damages in the past. Heavy rainfall in 2019 damaged the roof and, water seeped into the building. The worst affected areas were the Conservatory, the archives and, in some places, the first floor. Because of the urgency and necessity, we will not include the repairs in these areas in the subsidy request.

"The Town Hall has often suffered damage due to rainfall, and after all these years and as a result of neglected maintenance work, it shows the typical defects. It is necessary to carry out a general overhaul, which will prevent problems with the roof in case of rain. Besides, insulation work and a general sealing of the building should improve its energy efficiency. A possible extension should help with space problems. To this end, we will seek various subsidies from the autonomous government for buildings with a social aspect and get the project underway as soon as possible," says Héctor Morales, Councillor for Construction and Infrastructure.