Teulada Moraira starts spraying against the tiger mosquito19 May 2020

Teulada Moraira’s Health Department starts spraying against the tiger mosquito. This preventive measure will be carried out between May and October to minimise the effects of the tiger mosquito in the village.

The Local Council reminds the residents of the importance of following the recommendations of the health authorities to prevent the spread of this insect. It includes, for example, not leaving any containers such as buckets or flowerpot coasters with stale water outside the house. Observe hygiene and health regulations for private swimming pools. Regulate drip irrigation systems in such a way that there are no permanent puddles.

"The most efficient method against mosquitoes is prevention. It is therefore essential that we all get involved and follow the recommendations of the public authorities. Spraying is an important job, but prevention is essential to avoid plagues during the hot summer months," says Mamen Botija, Local Health Councillor.