Fifty-five people take part in Teulada Moraira?s blood collection16 May 2020

In collaboration with the Centre for Blood Transfusion of the Valencian Autonomous Community, the Municipality of Teulada Moraira organised a blood donation campaign, and fifty-five donors showed up. Blood must be donated even during the current health crisis. Our staff collects donations under strict precautions.

The solidarity of Teulada Moraira's residents reflects in the fifty-five people who donated blood. Forty-nine of the donations were usable. We needed to turn down some due to health problems of the donors. The organisers collected 22 litres of blood. Four people donated for the first time.

"We would like to thank all residents who participated in this campaign, although we are in difficult times. About 250 blood units are needed daily, so we depend on as many donors as possible. I want to encourage our fellow citizens to participate in the next blood donation campaign. It is safe to donate blood as our professionals follow the protocol strictly. It is a disinterested gesture that can help many people," commented Mamen Botija, local health councillor.