TEUMO hires six unskilled workers to support them with the disinfection of bar?s and pavement café?s terraces13 May 2020

Teulada Moraira's public company TEUMO has contracted six people to support the teams who disinfect public areas of bars, restaurants and pavement cafés as part of the preventive campaign against COVID-19.

When contracting these unskilled workers, they take the social profile of the candidates into account. The aim is to help the group of people who have difficult access to the labour market or who have extensive family commitments and no regular income. The Local Council for Contracting and the public company TEUMO communicated: "We have a double task to accomplish. We work with the hospitality industry, e.g. pavement cafés, on the issue of hygiene on terraces. At the same time, we join in with all the measures that the whole local government is developing. That is, among other things, to help those who have suffered most from the crisis. We plan this additional service for four months and, the contracts are closed for two shifts, two months each. Thus, more people can benefit, although only for a short period".

The workers who will join the existing team of the public company will clean the terraces of the whole community, which means the two village centres and the adjacent urbanisations. "This is how we support each and every owner in his or her duty to guarantee the care of health conditions for the customers and the population. By forming three different groups, we intend to support the owners efficiently in their work. The groups will be on the road from Monday to Sunday," the local council announced.

TEUMO will form three different working groups and equip them with a vehicle and appropriate material. They will disinfect the affected areas with a particular product. Depending on the task of the business and not to disturb anyone, the teams work during the early morning hours. This service does not cover the disinfection or the treatment of restaurant furniture.

The contracts have an initial duration of four months. We base staff selection on social aspects and, the situation of families plays a role. E.g. are they single parents, are they large families, are they long-term unemployed persons or are they unemployed and over 52 years of age. Persons with a confirmation that they are disabled or women who have been victims of gender-based violence are also enjoying preference.

Such actions will strengthen the local government's support measures for this economic sector. The aim is to help reduce the negative impact on the local economy, local self-employed people and, small and medium-sized enterprises.