The Municipality uses Social Media to promote a new educational tool: Paideia 2.012 May 2020

Teulada Moraira’s Department of Children, Youth and Education is launching a didactical educational project aimed at the municipality’s children and families. Paideia 2.0 is an educational, audiovisual platform. They will start the first session on Municipal Facebook on Monday, May 18 May, at 5 pm.

Paideia 2.0 wants to enhance and develop the creative thinking of children, consolidate and broaden basic knowledge and communicate future relevant information suitable for children. From home, the teaching and learning process can continue and, participants can interact with the multidisciplinary team that compiles the content of the sessions and conducts the broadcasts.

This project is designed to support the work of the teaching staff and strives to become a tool at the service of the new teaching situation. There is general culture, conversations, recommendations, sources of information, puzzles, artistic and plastic activities, simple and straightforward baking... Paideia 2.0 offers versatile and heterogeneous content. We try to attract the attention of the participants, want to make a difference, entertain and, facilitate the acquisition, the receptivity and the adaptation of knowledge.