The Local Government of Teulada Moraira meets with the agricultural sector to get an idea of its situation and to consider assistance.11 May 2020

Last week, the local government of Teulada Moraira met with representatives of the agricultural sector to get an idea of its situation and to consider assistance. The topic was the damage caused by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mayor, Rosa Vila, and the Local Councillor for Agriculture and Fisheries, Alejandro Llobell, attended the meeting. The main topic of the meeting was the damage caused to part of the sector by wild rabbits as they are flooding Teulada's fields. A result of the fact that farmers have been unable to cultivate their fields due to the curfew.

Representatives of ASAJA, AVA, JÓVENES AGRICULTORES, COAG, the Associació de Agricultors de Raïm de Moscatell and the Cooperativa Sant Vicente Ferrer attended the meeting. The sectors representatives mentioned estimated damage, due to the inactivity during the last months, of between 60,000-80,000 kg. The economic loss could eventually amount to more than € 100,000.

Year after year, the fields of Teulada are also seeing an increase in the presence of wood pigeons and wild boars. An additional problem to the current plague. At the end of the meeting, everybody agreed to take the necessary steps to seek solutions with the Ministry of Agriculture. Thus, try to in some way alleviate the damage which can directly be related to COVID-19.